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About JP China Trade Group

Our Staff

JP China Trade Group – is an export-import company, founded in 2010 in Beijing. JP China Trade Group is a Russian-Chinese joint venture company and have staff members from Russia, China, Kazakhstan.

Our main activities are:

- Implementation of certain groups of goods and equipment under the brand name «JP China Trade». We actively develop own projects, for which we have selected reliable suppliers. We are ready to offer high quality products at competitive prices, and the most important is to bear responsibility for the quality of products supplied.

We have already worked out the following products groups:

- Magnets and magnetic materials (neodymium-iron-boron, SmCo, ferrites, magnetic materials: magnetic sheeting, strip)
- Security systems, surveillance systems, access control systems ;
- Induction heaters ;
- Natural stones ;
- Building materials (mosaic glass, ceramic granite, marble). You can find details of products you are interested in the “Products” section.

2) Service Provision. Our company can offer three specialized services:

“The Responsible purchase” – this service involves purchasing goods and equipment under our responsibility. You can send us your request; and according to this goods/equipment we will make an commercial offer to you. Responsibility of choosing reliable supplier and quality of goods rests on our company. You will sign contract for delivery of the goods with our Beijing Company or with JP China Trade Group representative in Russia. Working with us means that you will fully protect yourselves from risks connected with the purchase of goods in China, as we assume these risks.

- The Launch of production - we offer you services of launch manufacturing of plastic and metal items according to clients’ drawings and samples, which will be followed by mass production of products.

- The Export-import agent – JP China Trade Group is ready to become your customs broker in China, Russia and overseas countries. We provide professional services of customs clearance in China, Russia and other countries.

Extra services: cargos delivery , certification and insurance of products and equipment.

Detailed information about our services you can find in «Products» section.

We take responsibility for the quality of goods, at the same time we provide best service to our clients.

Our mission is to promote most efficient trade relations between China and other countries, to create most favorable conditions for doing with China.